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Website positioning:

Do you want to position your website on Google?

The SEO is to ensure that your company website appears in GOOGLE in the top positions of search by keywords for your business . We deal with the design or redesign of its website, optimizing it , to occupy top positions in Google and the major Internet search engines on the keywords you choose.

How Much Does Search Engine Optimization Cost?

Our rates for serp increase vary depending on the work required. In order to develop a budget we need to know what your needs are. Tell us the URL of your website, and tell us which words or phrases that you are interested in appearing in top positions in Google and you will receive a detailed budget.

What monthly work will be performed on my site?

  • Analyze: First we must analyze the current situation of the web against the competition in search results (SERPs) in those words and phrases that we consider key to your business.
  • WEB OPTIMIZATION: Second evaluate the cost (working time) to introduce some changes in the design of your website in order to optimize their pages and prepare the source code. At this stage “prepare” your web.
  • CAMPAIGN: Finally by initiating a marketing campaign directories, blogs and social networking sites , we get an increase in “popularity” for your website and finally reached the top positions ( natural positioning ) for your chosen keywords.

How long will it take to complete?

The minimum time we need to get the first results is 3 to 6  months, so it is advisable to consolidate results through a campaign of 6 months. After this time, we analyze the situation of the web at that time and evaluate with the client whether to continue with other actions.

What Take Place When You Are Optimizing My Site?

When we talk about optimizing a website, we refer to introduce some changes aimed at improving both its internal structure (menus, images, internal links, …) as the source code (labeled meta tags, CSS styles, …) design. Sometimes you need to change some things in certain pages such as headers, links, text parts, etc. for that page “work” on Google. These changes, in most cases, do not substantially alter the site design, that is, as we see in the web browser.

How can I request more information or a quote for search engine optimization.

All contact can be directed to our Seo Brisbane Team