Sourced Consulting – What Is SEO And Why Is It Important?

SEO is the magic wand! In the digital world today, SEO has established itself as an acronym that helps in improving traffic for the websites. Search Engine Optimization is a tool, which was developed to link the websites with multiple keywords that further helps to track the website when searched with the same or related keywords on a search engine.

It works in a very logical way. When we publish any article, content, blog or any such information, we also submit some keywords related with the content or text. These keywords help the user to search the content and thus increasing the traffic on a website. Organic SEO is actually linking the content with keywords that a user generally types in his/her search query, the results that are found closest to the particular keyword are displayed first thus increasing the traffic on a website which will further improve the page rank and its presence during search results.

Three reasons why SEO is important and helps the website are:

1. Everybody uses search option

Every time an individual is using the internet, he or she has to begin with a search to get the desired information. They have to type words or phrases also known as keywords which are linked to different websites. The websites that have a higher ranking organically are essentially because of good Search Engine Optimization. Therefore it’s very important to set the right keywords for getting desired target audience on your website.

2. SEO increases traffic

The number of users that click and visit the website during a search result helps in calculating the traffic on a website. Tools such as Google Analytics, SmallSEO tools, Site Price and Moz Tool give us a brief insight on the amount of traffic being generated on the website. These registered keywords help people map their way to the websites. Today, a lot of people read the reviews online first before buying a product or service, and SEO helps the process to gain desired impact.

3. Higher return on Investment

SEO is a slow and steady process and it does take time to achieve the desired results. However when you compare SEO with other paid marketing tools like Social Media Marketing, PPC Advertising or email marketing, Search Engine Optimization proves to be more cost effective and efficient investment on a long run.


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