Sourced Consulting – Why SEO Is Just One Part Of Your Business Success Equation

When you log in to your Google Analytics account, do you let out a sigh of disappointment?

I mean your site is SEO optimized. You send hourly Tweets. You just added new graphics to your site.

What gives?

As a brisbane digital marketer I can tell you the secret to getting steady traffic to your website is not just about making your website search engine friendly. It’s about being a true resource.

Here’s some ways to be so compelling visitors keep coming back to your website for more:

Be A Wealth of Information

While having a top-ranking for a keyword phrase may get someone to visit your website once, getting them to come back requires making your website “sticky”.

Offer something so amazing they can’t resist coming back for more such as:

Write blog posts on pressing issues that your customers really need to know about

Share original insights and tools no one else has in white papers, survey results, and checklists etc

Position yourself as the go-to person for help and answers. Be helpful and available in social media groups, forums, and other online mediums to answer questions

Host webinars and teleseminars with strategies that help people get results. They will respect your expertise and generosity.

Team Up with Big League Players

Your followers will be thrilled to get inside access to leading authorities in your field you can provide elite access to.

For example: having a Google Hangout with a world-renowned expert in an area your target market would be very interested in will make your followers thrilled at the great benefits they have in being associated with you.

Stay Relevant

When you are too scattered, it confuses people.

For example if you are a work-at-home expert and suddenly are offering a teleseminar on “potty training your toddler” it’s not a match and may turn off some of your audience.

While your audience may be parents, they came to you for your home business tips, not parenting information. So it’s important to stay on topic and establish yourself as an expert in that one area.

Give Back

More consumers are looking to associate with businesses who not only serve their immediate needs, but also help serve the world.

Tell the world about the charitable causes that you support. If you are serving in a soup kitchen, share the news and invite your followers to join you.

Give them reasons to love who you are and not just what you do.

Share the best of who you are.

Serve your customers. Be a generous resource.

It’s not just what you sell, but how you make your customers feel that makes the difference.


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